Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rented referrals?

It appears to me that if someone is trying to sell you a program which makes them thousands per day, that the act of them trying to convince you to part with your money in itself is contradictory. It also appears to me that if you can guarantee to make small amounts that over time, you can convert these small amounts into larger amounts with a bit of work.

That's why Pay To Click (PTC) is a great vehicle for achieving this. Utilizing good and trusted PTC sites with a bit of work will make you money. It is not difficult to make a few cents. However, making more serious money is a different ball games and to some "would be" internet earners this might seem an impossible task.

It is not, most successful PTC earners will tell you that the most important information you need to make the jump from miniscule earnings into larger earnings is to attract active referrals. This is fact! it doesn't matter if you don't have referrals you will still make a few cents and over time a few dollars, but it you want turn them into 10's or 100's of dollars then referrals is the route.

You are probably thinking that once again you have got to get into a level of marketing which you have not yet achieved with any other program, namely recruiting. Not so. Some of the more trusted PTC'S Will rent you referrals to get you going. As your income increases then you can replace these with purchased referrals. As your referrals increase so does your income. This is always providing that you don't forget that the reason its called PTC, that you must continue to click those ads and sites to EARN... Get in the habit of clicking your core sites everyday like clockwork. Here is a great free tool for building your referrals...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

PTCRef's is where it's at...

Whilst I have been building my paid to click(PTC) income, I have been looking for a way of building a list of referrals who are like minded and want to guarantee an income from PTC. I joined PTCRefs.

Within it is a list of some of the top PTC sites. On reviewing them I found that I was a member in a number of them already. In this case you just enter all your existing referral ID's. Those listed where I was not a member, I joined.

Having updated all the ID's in the box beside each of the programs, I updated the list by clicking on the "Update Programs Username/ID" button at the very bottom of the page. The idea is that as new members join under you, they will repeat the steps above, thereby joining all these free PTC programs under you. Thats the plan and it does work.

Your referrals under each of these programs will increase and over time, and as you know the more referrals the more earnings. As always with PTC income you must remember to visit all PTC programs in your list. I do this everyday it doesn't take too long and there are others which I also visit outside of PTCRefs.

Remember, Don't Forget to visit the PTC programs that you have signed up yourself and earn that money by clicking everyday. The banner you will see further down on the right hand side of this blog, is from a selection of a number which PTCRefs makes available for you to promote one link, to get referrals for each of your PTC programs. See, PTC is a serious business and so is PCTRefs

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

PTC, as an income foundation.

You have probably discounted paid to click programs as an income earner as a non-starter. I did, until I realised that PTC is just apart of the worlds great advertising machine. It has its place like newspapers, TV, magazines and web sites. PTC is a way of advertising products to a captivated audience who are actually earning money for reading the adverts. Wow, what a concept.

When you start with PTC sites you suddenly realise that it takes time to build up a reasonable amount of income. There are many techniques that can be used, some of which are offered by the PTC companies themselves, some of these are outlined in other articles on this blog. BUT, one thing is for sure. YOU will make money albeit slowly.

When you review all the other income streams you have tried on the Internet as possible income earners, how many have proved to be viable. Yes I thought so, I had the same experience. That's how I arrived at PTC's as my initial source of income generation. Once you have a solid foundation on which to build, the rest will come.

After a few weeks of clicking away you will start to notice how the small earnings are growing and are now dollars. The realisation that if you could get the message across to others,that this is a good foundation on which to build, becomes obvious.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Make Money Online With Paid To Click Sites

There are many websites on the world wide web where you can earn money just for viewing advertisements placed by other site members who paid to put these ads there. The site has a timer and all you do is click on the ad, view it until the timer gets to zero and go to the next site. They are called paid to click sites or PTC’s for short. Although one only makes a penny or less for each click of the mouse do not let that fool you, it is possible to make fifty dollars per day or more with paid to click websites.

These sites also will pay you for each and every click made by other members who you have referred to the paid to click program. So you can have one thousand referrals all clicking ads and you get a penny for each of their clicks and this can really add up to alot of money. Some paid to click sites offer deals like one cent per click and one cent per referral click, while others offer half that, but those sites who pay less than one cent per click often have lower ad prices for their advertisers, resulting in more ads for you to click on than the other sites.

Many of these websites also have “paid to sign up” offers from other members as well. This is where you sign up into their program and you get paid ten cents for that at most sites.

When choosing a good paid to click site, you should check their site for a forum link. If they have a user forum, go to it and register there first. Then look around their forum, talk to the moderators there, and try to get a feel for how well liked the site is among it’s members. This can save you alot of headaches later on.

Many of these sites will sell you referrals in packages as small as five or as large as five hundred. The cost for these is usually around a dollar each, and a group of five hundred referrals can bring in $50 per month comfortably, as long as their are ads at the site for everyone to click on. You need to be careful though, the key is to find paid to click sites owned by a good honest admin. This can be researched by visiting their forum like I said earlier, and by doing a Internet search for the websites name or the owners name. Do a whois lookup if you know how and look at the owners name of the domain name itself, and the date the sites url was created. This can be done at whois dot com.

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